The following goals have developed in response to various conversations and consultations:
Goal I: Providing Leaders for God's Mission
Goal II: Going Where God Is Leading Us
Goal III: Supporting God's Work With Our Partners



The appeal is already under way!
The feasibility study began in the Spring of 2014 and conversations continue.  Leaders are being recruited and the appeal is moving forward!  



The Goal of the appeal is to raise $2.5 million.
Gifts can come from individuals, families, foundations and as results of individual congregation appeal efforts. 


Our Mission

Going Where God is Calling Us


New and renewing congregations provide the growing edge of our church not only because they are our fastest growing ministries, but also because they provide the laboratory where new ideas and methods of reaching out are explored.


Historically, the primary investment in new ministries and leadership development was from the church-wide organization. That source of funding is dwindling. This trend will not change any time soon.


The South Dakota Synod will need to make a strong investment in the opportunities for nurturing diverse and growing congregations if they are to survive and thrive in mission. 

Appeal News


SD Synod Appeal Video


Click here for a three-minute version.