The Needs Are Known and
Opportunity Awaits Our Response

The South Dakota Synod strategic plan identifies leadership as our most important asset to build on for our future. The church of the 21st century will require not only gifted and well trained rostered leaders, but also a growing cadre of lay ministers who are full-time professional church workers, multi-vocational ministers, or committed “volunteer staff.” 

Our Church Needs Pastors:

  • Who can be missional leaders

  • Who can lead and equip teams to serve the people of God and reach out with the Gospel

Our Church Needs Lay Leaders Grounded In The Lutheran Confessions To Serve In Specific Areas:

  • Evangelism

  • Teaching

  • Ministries of Care and Mercy 

  • Administration 

God is calling the Church to reach out to an increasingly more diverse world. Many of the newest congregations in South Dakota include and are among people who bring wonderful gifts from their different cultures,
but who also struggle with poverty and difficult social problems. These congregations need our support to meet the challenging and dynamic opportunities before them.