Goal $2.5 Million 

At the South Dakota Synod Assembly, June 13-14, 2014, the Assembly passed a resolution authorizing a capital appeal. Briefly summarized, this action resolved the following:

1. That the South Dakota Synod Assembly strongly affirms moving forward with the “Appeal for Leadership and Mission”

2. That congregations of the South Dakota Synod support the “Appeal for Leadership and Mission” through prayer, volunteer assistance and through a special congregational campaign...

3. That the $2.5 million in cash raised during the three year appeal be allocated...for capital projects at Woyatan in Rapid City, to fund the first 4 years of a permanent position on the synod staff dedicated to the recruitment of rostered leaders, start-up funding for a new Life-long Academy for Rostered and Lay Leaders, for the first 4 years of additional seminarian debt reduction, for New and Renewing Congregations, to support the to the ELCA’s “Always Being Made New” campaign and to support Luther Seminary. In addition, funding was authorized for campaign expenses and to establish $1 million for the start-up contribution toward a $4.8 million endowed fund that would support the new initiatives in perpetuity.

Challenge Goal $4 Million

A “challenge” goal of an additional $1.5 million has also been set to provide further and equal funding for each of these initiatives. No additional appeal costs are anticipated in seeking these additional funds.

 Providing Leaders For God’s Mission - $1,500,000

Lifelong Academy for Rostered & Lay Leaders:  $100,000
4 year Staff Position for Rostered Leader Recruitment:  $200,000
Seminary Debt Reduction:  $200,000
To the Endowment to support the initiatives in perpetuity*:  $1.000,000
(*May be divided between goals I & II)

Going Where God is Calling Us - $453,000

Woyatan Capital Improvement Projects:  $350,000
New and Renewing Congregations:  $103,000

Supporting God’s Work With Our Partners - $215,000

Support for the ELCA Appeal "Always Being Made New":  $143,000
Support for Luther Seminary: