Listen...God is Calling
A Vision to Provide Leadership and Fulfill Mission



The following initiatives will be taken to strengthen leadership for the Lutherans in South Dakota and across the Church:

  • Increase the Synod’s capacity to provide seminary scholarships to qualified candidates for ministry.
  • Grow resources to retire up to 50% of a rostered leader’s seminary debt over a 5-year period when that leader makes a commitment to stay in South Dakota.
  • Create of a fully endowed permanent position on the synod staff for a person to encourage, recruit and shepherding new candidates for rostered leadership through college and into seminary.
  • Establish an innovative, effective rostered leadership academy to equip leaders for increasing responsibility through the life cycle of their career.
  • Design and develop a lay leadership academy to provide grounding in scripture and Lutheran confessions along with specific training for evangelism and outreach, Christian education, ministries of care, or administration. 
  • Provide resources to target leadership recruitment and development with Campus Ministry and Lutherans Outdoors in South Dakota.


Lutherans in South Dakota will address the rapidly changing mission in South Dakota and across the Church as they:

  • Provide resources to start and sustain new and emerging ethnic specific ministries and ministries with the poor.
  • Provide resources to train and equip congregations seeking to renew their ministry and re-invest in their mission field.
  • Provide capital resources required to renovate the Woyatan Lutheran Church property and to provide for an urban retreat program that can enhance and sustain this ministry with and among South Dakota’s most economically disadvantaged people.
  • Provide resources for starting new congregations in South Dakota – so that we can be ready to go wherever God leads us in the future.

Supporting God’s Work With Our Partners

Two strong partners in ministry will be supported as we move forward together in ministry.