Naming and Memorial

Gift Opportunities

Naming and/or memorial gifting opportunities may be available to individuals and families contributing $25,000 or more to the Appeal effort.
Please contact the Appeal Office for more information regarding these opportunities.

Gifts to the “Listen...God is Calling” will be received as one-time contributions or as multi-year pledges (up to five years). Gifts may be made in the form of cash, securities,gifts and other commodities or other assets readily converted to cash.

Irrevocable planned gifts may also be received in response to this appeal.  

Standard of Gifts

In order to fully subscribe the $4,000,000 Appeal challenge goal, the following gifts and in the quantities listed, will need to be received from individuals, families, foundations or as the result of congregation appeal efforts. 

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Above And Beyond

All contributions to "Listen...God is Calling" should be above and beyond regular benevolence support to the Synod and other ministries of the Synod" 

 The Prairie Mission and Leader Corps

Individuals, families, congregations and organizations contributing $50,000 or more to the “Listen...God Is Calling” appeal will be recognized as members of the Prairie Mission and Leader Corps. These contributions, like all others to the appeal, will fund all the projects of the appeal unless otherwise indicated by the donor. Prairie Mission and Leader Corps donors will receive periodic notes and letters of gratitude from recipients of seminary scholarships and debt reduction grants and loans, however, because a significant portion of the appeal will directly impact these funding programs. Donors will be recognized in publications. Requests for anonymity will be honored.

Recognition Levels

  • Benefactor $400,000 (sufficient to fund a full tuition seminary scholarship) 
  • Sustainer $200,000 
  • Developer $100,000

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