Thank you for your support in 2016!

THANK YOU to all the congregations, individuals and volunteers who helped with the “Listen God Is Calling Appeal” in 2016; your investment of time and dollars is most appreciated. The total of the appeal gifts from all sources through November 30 is: $3,197,096.74. Thank you for your generous support.

Looking forward to 2017:
The appeal will officially come to a close at the Synod Assembly in June 2017 so congregations are encouraged to schedule their appeal before June.

Congregational Phase:

Every congregation in the South Dakota Synod is invited to participate in the appeal. . If your congregation has not conducted the appeal, Lent would be a good time to set a date for the appeal. If I can assist with the commitment Sunday, contact me to set a date.

Putting the Dollars to Work:

As I mentioned last month, the exciting part of the appeal took place at the October Synod Council meeting where the first allocation of dollars raised in the appeal was approved. Your dollars are being put to work and making a difference.

Thank you again for your generous support of the “Listen God Is Calling Appeal” .

To God Be The Glory,
Pastor Bob Hansen, Appeal Director